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Training and Consultancy

Let’s Talk Agric Ltd  has the expertise and people to assist you in obtaining solutions to the questions you might have concerning your farm. Our professional staff can complete an analysis on your behalf to ensure that you are not only getting the most out of your land financially but are also taking the right steps to preserve the land for future generations. we also provide new and aspiring farmers with a tailored hands-on, practical farming training that they will need to own and/or manage a farm. 

Operating a farm (even a very small one!) can be expensive and risky. To increase a new farmer’s chance for success, Let’s Talk Agric Ltd offers farming training in skills and knowledge that minimize risk, maximize efficiency and productivity, and manage costs. Our workshops and courses cover the follow topics and more:

We train prospective farmers and set them up with quality farm inputs such us seeds, organic fertilizers genetically improved breeds of livestock’s, and other basic logistics. We also organize Special Refresher Courses for our trainees introducing them to proper farm management and other new innovations or technologies and where they also share their farm experiences and network.

Our trainees are always under our supervision for one (1) year for effective monitoring purposes after we have set them up, to enhance our on-the-job training with them on their farms to ensure that they practice good cultural practices to make their venture successful.

We seek to partner the Government of Ghana & NGOs to reduce poverty, improve crop and livestock, jobs and wealth creation, national income and food security needs of Ghana, preserve the integrity of the environment and nutritional levels, Arrangements could be made to train your selected beneficiaries in any Community or District in Ghana. set-up fees are discounted for NGOs, Churches, Schools & Groups.

Some Of the topics we treat are

Production Training



Good Agricultural Practices

Soil testing

Pest and disease management

Weed management

Record keeping

Harvest/ post-harvest

Compost management

Livestock breeding

Livestock brooding

Feeding and Nutrition

Housing and Hygiene

Disease and Pest

 Crop/Livestock Planning

  • Knowing your markets
  • Understanding crop seasons
  • Developing necessary maps and schedules

Equipment Training

  • Tractor Safety and basic operation
  • Basic equipment maintenance
  • Small tools for efficiency
  • Tractor based cultivation, seeding, weeding

Business & Marketing

  • Market research
  • Assessing financial resources
  • Business structure
  • Business planning

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